Since the Glazers plunged Manchester United in to huge amounts of debt in 2005 when buying the club, it has been well documented how much money they continue to take from the club. While we are regularly named the “most valuable” football club in the world, a huge proportion of our revenue is lining the Glazers’ pockets.

Swiss Ramble has reported on the past decade, although it is important to note these figures don’t include the first three years of their takeover.

United has generated £1.3b over the last 10 years, which is almost twice as much as the next highest club, Arsenal, with £754m. This is followed by Spurs with £675m and Liverpool with £341m. Two of the biggest spenders over the past decade, City and Chelsea, have generated just £146m and £76m respectively.


However, when you look at how that money has been spent, a more alarming picture is revealed. 49% of the money we have generated has been spent on debt and interest, while just 32% has gone on improving the squad. Compare that to the proportional spending on players from our rivals like Chelsea (65%), City (64%) and Liverpool (54%).


A really grim picture is painted when you look at what that 49% looks like as money spent. £0.8b of our club’s money has been spent on loan and interest payments in the past decade.


Then take a look at the impact owner financing has contributed to rival Premier League clubs. City’s owners have put £1.3b in to the club over the past decade while the Glazers have taken £0.8b out of United.