Carlos Tevez Manchester United vs ChelseaWe will ignore his shocking miss at the Reebok yesterday when discussing what an asset Carlos Tevez could be for our club over the next few years. After the transfer saga involving his move to our club away from West Ham, it appears as though we are finally getting our hands on the player entirely, extending his contract with us.

This week Tevez announced that he was happy in Manchester, that the club took good care of him, but he saw his future playing for his first love, Boca Juniors. “At 28, I want to be in Boca. I have another year on my contract with Manchester and I could extend it for four years more then return,” he said. “But I want to return to Boca at my peak not as some fatso. Imagine if you cannot move – they’d scream insults at you. If I return it will be to get stuck in and play! But I’d like to stay a few more years in Manchester. They look after me well.”

We have today received confirmation of this plan to get Tevez tied down to the club, with Sir Alex Ferguson today announcing that a deal is in place. “There is no question about his long-term future here. David Gill has spoken to his agent and told him we are very happy with him,” he said. “The fee is in place. I won’t tell you what it is but it is still cheap. I want to make his happen. He has impressed everyone with his appetite for the game. He’ll get me 15 goals this season and what’s more they will be important goals.”

Four more years of Tevez developing alongside Rooney, and we could have a match made in heaven. We all saw what Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole produced at United, the former pair of strikers on our books who “wouldn’t be able to play together”, and with both Rooney and Tevez still so young, the future is looking bright.

How cheap is “cheap”? Are you content with Tevez’s plans to leave us at his peak?