Following the booing Manchester City fans dished out to their team last week, as well as news that owner Thaksin Shinawatra had warrants out for his arrest, the 4-2 battering Aston Villa dished out them confirmed the misery for the bluenoses and Mark Hughes yesterday. However down you might get over United, you should always be able to comfort yourself with the knowledge that at least you’re not one of them.

So, with things going from bad to worse for ol Sparky already, how does he plan on resolving things? Taking Mikael “Silly” Silvestre off our hands of course!

Reports have surfaced suggesting that City are lining up a bid for Silvestre, with as little as £750,000 being enough to convince United to sell. Now, I’ve already said my goodbyes to Mikael, and I believe it’s time the club did too.

Silvestre had been with the club for 9 years and it will be tragic if a player like him gets a bloody testimonial! Don’t get me wrong, I have a soft spot for him, but mainly in hindsight, when he’s nowhere near the pitch. The moment he’s on it, I stop breathing every time he’s in possession of the ball!

So, I’m up for a laugh. Sell Silvestre to City and see how many own goals he can score and penalties he can give away. And I’d cheer as loud as ever if he decked West Ham’s Ljungberg, even if in the blue of City!

With the Da Silva twins coming through, is it time to sell Silvestre?