You must be pleased with how things have worked out for you this season?
I’m over the moon. I came back from Sunderland at the end of last season and the manager said to me in the summer that I’d be involved in the first-team. But I never expected to be getting Champions League experience. It’s an unbelievable feeling.

Being a local lad must make it even more special…
It’s great, it’s a dream come true. Everyone is really nice to me as well. I was out putting petrol in my car the other day and somebody came up to me and said, ‘I think you’re doing really well, keep it up’. It’s a nice feeling because I’ve supported United all my life. I’m really enjoying it at the moment and the team is doing well – things couldn’t be better.

How do the players treat you when you first break into the squad?
I’m a bubbly lad around training and I try to get involved with the older lads. At first you don’t really know them and you’re coming into heir set-up, but now I feel part of it all. Sometimes you’re a bit wary of whether the players will accept you, but I’ve always been made to feel welcome and involved.

When do you know when you can get involved in all the banter?
There isn’t really a point where it happens, just over time you become integrated into the squad. The lads have taken to me well and they’ve brought me into the group, inviting me to play cards or on the Playstation. Once you start doing that, you feel more comfortable and part of the group. It can be quite competitive. When we were in Kyiv, me and Wazza were doubles champions at Pro-evo (Pro-evolution soccer). Little things, tournaments like that, make you feel part of it. It’s great because everyone gets along and wants to have a laugh.

There are quite a few young foreign lads; do you find it easy to communicate?
Gerard Pique is the middle man! He’s translator for us. With someone like Nani, his English has come on a lot. The other week he was a bit bored so we went for something to eat and he turned up with his English book in his hand. Cristiano helps him and Anderson quite a bit. You always know what they’re trying to say and you can see on the pitch that different languages are not a barrier. Nani, Anderson and Carlos Tevez are the newest foreign lads, but they’re all great. They’ve always got a smile on their face, which is nice to have in the changing room.

Personally, what are your targets for the rest of the season?
I want to stay fit and hopefully get more games. I’ve been speaking with the coaching staff and there are certain areas of my game that I’m working on. I speak a lot with Gary Neville and he has always told me that I should stay behind after training to improve my game. If I keep doing that then hopefully the gaffer will give me more games and more experience and that’s hopefully how I will improve.

Has the manager given you specific aims?
He’s said to me that I’m going to be getting chances but that I just have to be patient. Obviously I’m prepared to do that because with the players we have at this club you can never expect to always be playing. It takes time, but as long as I’m working hard and improving I’ll hopefully get games at the end of it.

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