If United win their game in hand, we’re three points behind Liverpool and just two points behind Chelsea. Considering we’ve now played all of the remaining top four teams away from home, this is an extremely healthy position to be in.

If there’s any manager who knows how to cope with the pressure of a title race, it is Sir Alex Ferguson, who has won the league after closing massive points differences against the likes of Newcastle and Arsenal, as well as leading the table from the start of the season.

However, our manager concedes we could do with a favour or two along the way, and is hoping his pal Arsene Wenger will take points off our title rivals.

“What we want now is for Arsenal to beat Liverpool and Chelsea,” said Ferguson. “They’ve just won at Chelsea, but they still have to play them at home and they’ve got two games to play against Liverpool. Our defeats at Arsenal and Liverpool were disappointing, but we’ve got the away games against our rivals out of the way and I’m sure we can make up ground.”