Robert Peston from the BBC has concluded the following from the latest Deloitte annual review:

– If you combine spending per unit of output with success in winning trophies, there is no doubt that Alex Ferguson is incomparably the most successful manager in the UK. United’s wage bill per Premier League point is £1.6m, just a fraction more than Arsenal’s £1.5m. For the extra £100,000 per point, United were runners up in 2009/10 and champions in 2010/11. Arsenal and Wenger cannot argue that they could not afford to spend the extra £20m shelled out by United on wages, at least not on Deloitte’s analysis.

– Relative to United, City’s productivity – or premier league points generated per unit of spending on players’ wages – is relatively low. Our wage bill was less than City’s – from which it generated a vastly superior performance, of second in 2009-10 and champions last year.

– Liverpool were the worst performing club. They had the fourth largest wage bill at £121m, £10m more than Arsenal and £41m more than the next highest spender, Aston Villa.

– Chelsea’s wage bill was a full 31% greater than the second highest payer, Man City.

– Each of Wolves’s Premier League points in 2009-10 cost it £789,000 in wages, whereas each of Man City’s points cost it £2m in wages. Wolves was more than twice as efficient as Man City. For what its worth, Chelsea was even less productive – each of its 86 points in 2009-10 cost it over £2m in salaries.

– Arsenal’s wage bill was the fifth highest in the country at £111m, more than £20m a year less than City and United. In the concurrent season Arsenal came third, and last year we were fourth.

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