Last night, Jose Mourinho showed the negative side of his character which contributed to him not being offered the United job he dreamed of.

No doubt Sir Bobby Charlton, who has never been keen on Mourinho, would have been watching last night’s Copa del Rey final with a smug smile on his face.

April 24th 2007 – On Mourinho’s claim it’s one rule for United and one rule for Chelsea

“Considering he’s a very intelligent man, to come out with statements like that is a little bit silly. It’s a nonsense really. We’ve played in so many matches this year when we’ve not had the decisions and they’ve been quite obvious really. But you get on with it, you move on. I thought it was a little bit senseless. It makes good copy for the media and he’s obviously a marvellous coach. But sometimes, really, I think some of the statements are quite unnecessary.”

April 11th 2011 – On Mourinho’s failure to bring through youth

“I would hate for anyone to take this the wrong way but I don’t see him here. He’s got a talent but maybe if he ever came here the philosophy of youth football might never be the same again.”

February 5th 2012 – On Mourinho’s big mouth

“The entire world is listening when Mourinho starts talking. It’s the logical consequence of his success as a coach. He has been extremely successful, and that justifies his heavy wages and big mouth. However, we should not forget that although he is doing well with Real Madrid in La Liga right now, they are still not too convincing.”

December 7th 2012 – On Mourinho gouging of the eye of Tito Vilanova, then Barcelona’s assistant coach, in the 2011 Spanish Super Cup

“A United manager wouldn’t do that. Mourinho is a really good coach but that’s as far as I would go really. He’s the manager of Real Madrid and we expect to play them in the Champions League by the end of the season.”

When it is put to him that it is difficult to imagine a United manager being allowed to get away with some of Mourinho’s behaviour, Charlton says: “You are right. He pontificates too much for my liking. He’s a good manager, though.”

But Ferguson admires Mourinho. “He doesn’t like him too much, though.”