Chris Smalling has claimed that training sessions at Carrington provide him with everything he needs to improve as a defender, when being pitted against the likes of Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez and Danny Welbeck on a daily basis.

“I get tested each day which is what I need,” said Smalling. “One minute you can be up against Chicharito and Wazza, and the next up against Robin or Danny. We’ve four great strikers. Chicharito stays very high in the attack, looking to play on your shoulder. Robin and Wazza like to drop in and try and play-make as well. They have great feet. Even before I joined Manchester United, I knew of Wazza as a hard worker. Now seeing it first hand in training and matches, he really does give everything for the team. Even if he has to drop into the hole, into midfield, maybe even sometimes go on the wing, he really does work hard. Danny’s done well. He’s played on the left wing as well as upfront. He’s a strong lad and another who likes to run in behind.”