The FA today confirmed that Wayne Rooney would serve a two match ban for swearing after he scored his hattrick against West Ham. Even journalists who salivate at the thought of slagging off Manchester United, like Oliver Holt, have admitted what a balls up the FA have made of this.

So, how is it possible that the FA could have got it so wrong?

Two words.

David Bernstein.

The former Manchester City board member and chairman was appointed the chairman of the FA at the start of the year. When leaving City he said: “I would like to thank our wonderful fans for their backing. They have been fantastic in their support, which has never wavered even during the most difficult times. I have been touched by their kindness and enthusiasm. I have supported Manchester City since I was a boy and I am desperate for us to succeed.”

We’ve seen just how desperate he is for that today, ensuring that Rooney is banned for the FA Cup semi-final, City’s final hope of silverware this season in their 35th year since they last won a trophy.

And you couldn’t make this up. The man who is so offended by Rooney’s swearing that he felt a two match ban was an appropriate punishment, worked for French Connection before joining City’s board and was behind their controversial range of t-shirts which included: “fcuk this”, “hot as fcuk”, “mile high fcuk”, “fcuk me”, “fcuk her”, “too busy to fcuk”, “fcuk football”, “fcuk fashion”, “fcuk fear” and “fcuk on the beach”.

What?! Fcuking what?

What? Fuckin what?! t-shirts