Earlier in the week, I claimed the Sol Campbell rumour simply had to be the press making mischief. We were having a defensive crisis and Sol Campbell was a free agent.

However, after signing Michael Owen, I wouldn’t say any transfer deal was totally out of the question anymore!

Still, Campbell was all over the press, claiming he would love to join United. He is currently training with Arsenal but was keen to push a deal through with United.

“I have heard nothing officially from Manchester United, but there have been suggestions and, of course, it would be a great move for me, if it happens,” said Campbell. “I shall just have to wait and see if a call comes through the right channels. Of course, I would love to play for Manchester United, but I am not counting any chickens, just waiting to see what happens. I am training as usual at Arsenal, and would go to train at Manchester United if I was asked.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has quickly moved to deny any deal for Campbell, claiming that he used to be a good player.

“I don’t know where this came from but it is all wrong,” he said. “Sol Campbell was a great player but he is not a player we are thinking about getting to come to United.”

In the words of Rio Ferdinand, Sol Campbell, you got merked.