Ole Gunnar Solskjaer met with Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner this week over the possibility of taking over as manager. Having won Molde their first ever title in his first season and winning a second phase Champions League qualifying position, plenty of people have urged the United legend to stay in Norway and learn his trade.

“I was asked by a friend whether I was interested in speaking with Villa,” Solskjaer told a press conference yesterday. “I called Kjell Inge straight away. We agreed that I could speak to them on Wednesday, that it was okay. I have not had any offers. I’m not looking for another job. In football, and in life in general, things turn up that you have to make decisions about. I have a contract for two more years and I’ll stand by that. I’ve only spoken with them and expect them to speak to more people. They’re looking for a new manager. If they make contact, I’ll make a decision then.”

However, since then, quotes from what Solskjaer thought was a confidential conversation with the club have been leaked to Norwegian newspaper, VG.

“Will you manage Molde until the season ends?” If I get an offer, I’m off. Perhaps after the Hønefoss-game (Next Friday).

“If you leave Molde, will you bring your staff along?” I want Mark Dempsey and Richard Hartis to leave with me.

“If you leave Molde, will you take any players with you?” Yes. I will offer Magnus Wolff Eikrem to come with me.

Solskajer is obviously not at all impressed with the club for revealing this conversation.

“Now we see what game they are playing,” he said. “It’s hard to remember everything I said, but this is roughly what I said. I did say that if Aston Villa wants me, then I have to go. A manager has to be there for pre-season. We all agreed on leaving this in the past and look ahead. Because we all have a job to do at the club. That this is now coming out in public is not good for anyone at the club.”

Translation by Jonas Giæver