Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been a loyal servant to Manchester United, most favourably remembered for his good nature and total professionalism on the pitch, as much as that winning goal in the Nou Camp to crown United Champions of Europe. His decision to be the only player to publicly involve himself in the fight against the Glazer takeover, joining Shareholder’s United, only reinforced our feelings of respect and admiration for the player.

“I am honoured,” he said after joining the group. “I think it is important that the club remains in the right hands. I am absolutely on the supporters’ side, and think the club is in very good hands as it is today. I am a United fan myself and only want what’s best for the future.”

Undertaking a further role with the club after his knee injury forced him to retiring, Solskjaer is now the manager of the Reserve team.

A favourite player amongst all United fans, Solskjaer has spoken out about his feelings towards the club, as well as trying to remain tight lipped about the current situation concerning Ronaldo’s future with the club.

“I never fancied going,” said Solskjaer. “The only time it was even an issue was when the club accepted a bid for me from Tottenham in 1998. I went to see the gaffer but he said ‘I didn’t accept it, I want you here and you will play a big part in my squad’. I just thought that is good enough for me I will stay. My agent was not very happy with me because I was so stubborn but nowadays even he admits I was right. The thing is, Manchester United always fitted me quite well. And I will be remembered as an important member of the team during a period when Manchester United has been very successful. I can see now that I will always be in the history books. That makes me very proud. I have an opinion on Cristiano but it is not my business to talk in public about it.”

Dreaming of a team of players with Solskajer’s attitude…