Following on from the recent news that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had negotiated with executives to ensure that he is able to make the final decisions on the coming and going of players, it seems he is keen to get the wheels in motion as reports.

It has been reported that Solskjaer is keen to have all of the transfers complete and in place before the team heads out for their pre-season tour. It has been a whirlwind for the ex-player since he was installed as the caretaker manager following the sacking of Jose Mourinho. Initially, the team flew to heights they could only previously have dreamed of, before crashing back to finish the season on a disappointing note.

However, during the chaos, the club still found time to appoint Solskjaer to the post permanently and the manager is making his aim for the club moving forward crystal clear. There will be no Champion’s League for the team next season, and they are in sixth place away from the silverware, but he is clear that he will be bringing his beloved team back to the top with some strategic moves.

The transfer window opens on the May 16th, and we are in no doubt that he has his shopping list ready and will be getting down to business. The pre-season tour departure date is set for July 8th, so he really will have to work fast to get all new players ready to leave with him. There are rumours that several players will not be remaining with the team with swords hanging over the likes of Anthony Martial, Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez. It is also believed that he is interested in several moves including Jadon Sancho, Declan Rice and Gareth Bale.

Speaking recently he was clear that he will be the top decision maker, but has maintained open channels of communication with the board and other key members of staff.

I’ll have a final say if a player comes in or goes out. And we’ve got regular meetings. I’m happy with the way it’s going, and we’re supposed to sign 250 players because you’re all writing about players we should sign, so hopefully, we can get players in you have written about as well. So you never know. You’d be surprised how many agents have been touting their players. Not touting, that’s not the best word, is it? Telling us their players, their clients would love to be a part of Man United in the future. And that’s just the lure of Man United, they know, the potential and size of the club, they know in the end that we will get back to the good days.

It looks like a full shuffle of the team is in order as Solskjaer is one player who can remember the glory days well taking the Premier League as a player with the team, having started his career with them as the baby faced assassin. He will be keen to see his squad flourish once more.