Following the celebration with Molde fans, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave his reaction to leading his team to their first ever league title in his first year as manager.

Interviewer: You’ve been a champion as a player (in England), now you’re a champion as a coach, what does that feel like?

Ole: It’s incredibly fun, and it’s so much fun to watch the boys who haven’t won anything. It’s only Magne (Hoseth) who’s won the league before. They’ve deserved it.

Interviewer: On your first attempt Ole Gunnar, as a coach in Norway, what are your criteria for success?

Ole: Good players. A manager is never better than his players. And they’ve been fantastic. It’s well deserved. Daniel (Berg Hestad) has had this coming for a long time, Magne Hoseth, a lot of young, new players, Magne came on and scored today, who’s a local boy, it’s incredibly fun.

Interviewer: You look remarkably calm, do you feel as calm as you look?

Ole: Yes. (laughs) I’ve won something before.

Interviewer: What’s it like to see your boys like this?

Ole: It’s fun, it’s incredibly fun to see, the boys have been incredible. From day one. And the atmosphere has been fantastic, I saw mid season that they started to believe that this was possible, and I expect us to become even better next year. They’ve won something now, they know what it feels like.

Interviewer: Thank you. How will this be celebrated, Ole Gunnar?

Ole: The boys are going to have a massive night, how long they’ll keep going I have no idea.

Interviewer: So they’re off the leash now?

Ole: Yes, they’re off the leash. They’re off for the week.

Interviewer: And Solskjær himself?

Ole: He’s off for the week as well!


Translated by Miss United