Cristiano Ronaldo, who got stood on in the box during the League Cup final and was booked for doing so, and who had earlier been throttled in the area only for the ref to wave play on, has earnt some criticism from City captain, Richard Dunne.

The defender who has scored more goals for us than Anderson, who has also been sent off a massive three times this season, has flagged Ronaldo up because of his diving.

“At times he can be running so fast any nick sends him tumbling,” said Dunne. “He makes the most of the situation, I suppose. Some referees give free-kicks but some don’t. He is the best player in the world and he plays the game to his advantage. Diving or not diving, he’s impossible to mark when he’s on form.”

This impossible task got the better of City’s Michael Ball the season before last, with the dirty bitter stamping on Ronaldo’s stomach after he fouled him. The ref did nothing. Later on in the game, Ball brought down Ronaldo in the box, earning us the goal that won us the title, with Chelsea failing to win the following day.

Ball was wrongly allowed to stay on the pitch that day but Ronaldo has been sent off against them in the past. Chasing the game, Ronaldo was clearly fouled but the ref wasn’t prepared to give him a freekick. So Ronnie chased after the ball, lunging at it with one foot raised. He made no contact with Andy Cole but he was sent off for intent. It was a softer version of Palacios’ potential horror challenge on Ronaldo against Spurs. You know, the one Webb played an advantage for!

Ronaldo has been sent off against City this season after Howard Webb ridiculously pulled out a second yellow card when we played them at Wastelands. United still went on to beat the bluenoses, despite playing for twenty minutes with ten men, but that is beside the point! Ronaldo had a great opportunity to make it 2-0, leaping up to meet a free header yards away from the goal. He thought he heard a whistle though so tried to catch the ball. Common sense would tell you he wouldn’t pass up putting United 2-0 up to bat the ball away with his hands for no reason. Sadly, the referee showed no common sense and Ronaldo was off.

So Dunne, I think Ronaldo deserves one or two decisions against your lot!