I´m not sure whether it´s out of pity or humour but sometimes City fans really do make me want to cry. First there was Christopher Atkinson who got a Kaka tattoo when before Kaka came to his senses and Garry Cook fucked up the deal. Now there´s Kirk Bradley…

Bradley has a tattoo to mark City winning the Champions League. No, you didn´t miss anything. They haven´t actually won the European Cup. But this sad bluenose reckons they will win it in 2011, and is so confident, he´s had it put in place on his arm forever.

“While I was in the pub one night I was saying how I thought we’d win the Champions League next season,” he said. “My friend turned to me and said ‘if you’re so sure why don’t you have it tattooed?’ He was obviously joking, so you can imagine his face when I turned around and said ‘okay then’. I really believe we have the quality and ambition to go and achieve the biggest prize out there and I think we can do it that soon. With Mark Hughes at the helm and the money flowing in, we are going to not only challenge the big four, but the whole of Europe as well.”

Honestly, you just don´t know whether to laugh or cry with these idiots.