The Spirit of Shankly Supporters Union should be a good thing. Only this week did I look at how pathetic the majority of Liverpool fans had been in reaction to their Yank takeover, but this union is nothing but a disgrace that does not deserve to associate itself with a great manager, and man, Bill Shankly.

You see, Shankly was a big fan of our Sir Matt, who came so close to losing his life, like eight of our players, following the tragedy of Munich, and would be horrified to see how people who associate themselves with him are behaving.

We all know that chants exist, that go back and forth, about Munich and Hillsborough. You’ve got a screw lose if you think it’s acceptable to poke fun at innocent people dying, but of course, after years of them singing about Munich, some of our fans couldn’t quite manage to rise above singing about their disaster after it occurred. A sick kind of pay back time.

Regardless, these fans are in the minority, for both clubs. But then when at the end of season do, you’ve got your supporters’ union chanting and singing about one of these disasters, you’ve got to take a long hard look at your club and your supporters, and what you stand for, and wonder what the fuck went wrong. Shankly would be rolling in his grave if he could see how the vermin who belong to his club behave. This isn’t the odd fan, a small minority, this is their supporters’ union end of season party.

“Our aim, as the Liverpool Supporters’ Union, is to represent our members, our fellow Liverpool fans. This is our chance, as fans, to stand together and speak with one voice, on the issues that we want to talk about.”

Spirit of Shankly end of season do
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Before you get too angry though, remember that pity is a probably a far more healthier emotion. Thank fuck we’re not them! Low life vermin whose own supporters’ union is rotten to the core. But can you imagine the uproar if this was us? Can you imagine how this country would react if at the MUST do we were singing about Hillsborough??

Regardless this happened two weeks ago and ‘Spirit of Shankly’ made a statement to “condemn” the behaviour once the videos made the internet. Apparently this was an “unscheduled performance” and they will “increase back-stage security for future events” to prevent this from happening again. What a load of bollocks. It’s funny how this “impromptu performance” was allowed to go on and on though, with no SOS organisers making any attempt to get him off stage and stop him from singing about Munich. They want to distance themselves from it now it’s all over the internet, but clearly at the time, they weren’t so bothered! What a fucking embarrassment. Same old scousers.

If I was a Liverpool fan I’d want shut of this SOS as soon as possible and I hope all those hundreds/thousands of fans who signed up with their £10 feel sick about it now. I’m sure Shankly’s granddaughter, Karen Gill, isn’t feeling too great either after giving them her full backing. If the national press do choose to run with this story (which we can’t rely on! We should remember how them defacing our stadium with Munich and Shipman graffiti was played down, with the FA picking up the tab for the clean-up job and no punishment being handed to their fans! Had we written about their tragedy all over Anfield our fans would probably have been banned from away matches!) then it really will drag SOS, and as a consequence, Liverpool FC, through the dirt. These are the people speaking to all the rags on a daily basis at the moment, airing their opinion on behalf of Liverpool fans. And they are the same people who sing Munich at their official functions. Shameful.