Sir Alex Ferguson mentioned Jose Mourinho, who has been whoring himself to the media to be a candidate, as a possible future Manchester United manager. In his interview with CNN he touched on the qualities required to become a United manager, although acknowledged it’s impossible to predict where managers will be from one season to the next.

I strongly oppose the idea of Mourinho becoming our next manager because he does not have the required pedigree. He has never employed attacking football and he has never made any effort to bring through youngsters.

When CNN asked my thoughts on Mourinho replacing Ferguson, I was all too happy to share with them!

As you can imagine, my response was considerably longer than what they had room to publish!

They mention Carlo Ancelotti, Fabio Capello and David Moyes as the leading candidates. I would argue Ancelotti would provide us with the same problems as Mourinho, Moyes hasn’t won anything or proved he can manage top clubs under pressure, leaving Capello. Given that he’s actually managed to get the England national team playing something which resembles football, he can’t be half bad!