Tottenham Hotspur defender Benoit Assou-Ekotto has launched a stinging attack on team mate Peter Crouch for sleeping with prostitutes.

Crouch went on a stag do in the summer and slept with a teenage prostitute behind the back of his fiancée, who was then two months pregnant with his child.

“The tendency in football at the moment is that as long as you’re not a prostitute shagger then it’s OK, it’s no big deal. Crouch’s not very well and it’s a dirty thing for his fiancée to know he had relations with a prostitute.”

Ok ok, so maybe I edited a bit and replaced Rooney’s name with Crouch, but it does beg the question why Benoit feels the need have a pop at Wazza. Yes, we all know he’s a dirty scouse twat but have a word with one of your own before being a hard man in the press about Rooney.