Jamie Kanwar from Liverpool Kop has compiled some excellent stats which look at the comparative spending of Rafael Benitez and Sir Alex Ferguson, as well as their achievements with their respective clubs.

There are some key points which are important to consider before looking at these statistics.

– When Sir Alex Ferguson took charge of Manchester United, they were in the relegation zone. When Rafael Benitez took charge of Liverpool, they had finished 4th in the previous season.
– Sir Alex Ferguson took United from relegation candidates to champions in less than 7 seasons as our manager. In 6 seasons as Liverpool manager, Rafael Benitez has guided Liverpool down to 7th and as high as 2nd.
– I acknowledge it’s an insult to try and compare Sir Alex Ferguson with the FSW but it does make fairly interesting reading. The ability of the two managers is clearly reflected by the reactions of the fans. Liverpool supporters can’t wait for Ferguson to leave, with the hopes that our success will leave with him, whilst United fans are eager to Keep Rafa At ‘Pool.


Benitez spending 2004-2010
Benitez vs Ferguson spending 2004-2009
Benitez vs Ferguson first six years