Cristiano Ronaldo scored 18 goals in 33 games for Manchester United last season, whilst Carlos Tevez scored 5 goals in 29 games.

With February drawing to an end, Wayne Rooney has now scored 23 goals in 27 games.

Of course, Wayne Rooney scored 12 goals himself in the league last season, so it’s not a case of us matching all our goals with last season, but with 11 games still left to play, you wouldn’t bet against Rooney coming close to achieving it. Why? Because in his last 11 games he has scored 11 goals in the league, not counting the goal against City in the League Cup semi final, as well as the two goals he scored against AC Milan at the San Siro.

Rooney has played in 2301 minutes this season so far, which works out at a goal per every 100 minutes.

Last season, Cristiano Ronaldo played in 2746 minutes of football, which works out at a goal per every 153 minutes. In his first 2301 minutes of the season, Ronaldo had scored 11 goals.

Last season, Tevez played 1856 minutes of football, which worked out at a goal per every 371 minutes.

At this point last season we had scored 48 goals. This seson we have scored 66 goals, more than any other team.

However, after 28 games last season we had picked up 66 points, compared to the 60 we currently have.

Unlike recent seasons when our defence have played a massive part in securing the title, injuries at the back have meant our defensive record is nowhere near as strong. The difference in the number of games our first choice defence have played this seaon compared to last is shocking, and when you compare our defensive injuries with those of our rivals, it really is no surprise we’re lagging behind. The fact that there is only a six point difference between this season and last is testament to what an excellent job our attack our doing. (Check out comprehensive statistics on our defence this season.)

All in all, we could be in a much better position than we are, but given our circumstances, we’re looking pretty good. There’s still 30 points on offer and 3 of those will be decided when Chelsea come to Old Trafford, with them yet to make a trip to the home of the champions. It’s starting to get tasty now!