Sports Direct have published a feature showing the various regions where Premier League shirts are sold.

They’ve concentrated on eight clubs, including United and City, and have had made some fairly surprising discoveries, and some not so surprising.

Manchester United have had larger attendances than City every single season since the war, regardless of which club was enjoying the most success, and even when we had to play at Maine Road when Old Trafford was bombed. We knew Manchester was red. Now we know just how red.

The largest proportion of both club’s shirt sales come from London though, making up 45% of United’s total sales and 28% of City’s.

City sell more shirts in the Netherlands (13% of their total sales) than they do in Manchester (4.72%). Manchester is only the 10th biggest seller of City shirts, whilst it is third for United shirts. It probably won’t surprise you that City sell more shirts in Stockport (6%) than they do in Manchester.

Visit Sports Direct to view the findings in full.