Wayne Rooney had a passing success rate of just 50% and only 3 successful passes going forwards in the opposition’s half.

Darren Fletcher (80%) and Michael Carrick (82%) had surprisingly high passing completion rates. Although what caused the worry during the game was that 45% of the unsuccessful passes came from our own half.

Spurs attempted 116 more passes than us and completed 103 more passes than us. Their success rate was 75% compared to our 71%.

Rafael da Silva vs Gareth Bale

– Attempted 28 passes, was successful with 22 of them. 79% success.
– Made 4 interceptions, all in our half.
– Won 7 tackles, lost 4.

– Attempted 40 passes, was successful with 26 of them. 65% success.
– Made 3 interceptions, all in their half.
– Won 2 tackles, lost 4.

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