Continuing on with the theme of buying success, I was pointed in the right direction of an article in The Mirror which looked at every Premiership season’s top spender. It is interesting to note that only on 5 occasions have the summer’s biggest spenders gone on to win the title the following season.

1992-93: Blackburn £8.11m (4th); ­champions Manchester United £2.3m.
1993-94: Blackburn £8.65m (2nd); champions Manchester United £3.75m.
1994-95: Everton £10.9m (15th); champions ­Blackburn £6.8m.
1995-96: Newcastle £14.78m (2nd); champions Manchester United £750,000.
1996-97: Newcastle £16.5m (2nd); champions Manchester United £7.5m.
1997-98: Newcastle £21m (13th); champions Arsenal £16.55m.
1998-99: Manchester United biggest spenders with £27.75m and also ­champions.
1999-2000: Liverpool £36.3m (4th); ­champions Manchester United £10m.
2000-01: Leeds £38.45m (4th); ­champions Manchester United £7.8m.
2001-02: Manchester United £57m (3rd); champions Arsenal £23.25m.
2002-03: Manchester United biggest spenders with £33m and also champions.
2003-04: Chelsea £121m (2nd); champions Arsenal £13.25m.
2004-05: Chelsea biggest spenders with £89m and also champions.
2005-06: Chelsea biggest spenders with £63.4m and also champions.
2006-07: Chelsea £64m; champions Manchester United £18.6m.
2007-08: Manchester United biggest spenders with £52.125m and also ­champions.
2008-09: Manchester City £113m (10th); ­champions Manchester United £46.75m.
2009-10: Manchester City £124m (5th); ­champions Chelsea £23.5m.

It is also interesting to note that United have only been the highest spenders in 4 of the 18 Premiership seasons, the same number as Chelsea, and were champions in 3 of those seasons. Our remaining 8 Premiership title were won when we were not the top spenders.

Transfer League also have stats on Premiership spending totals.

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