Stoke fans were more concerned with booing our players than they were with cheering their own on when they visited Old Trafford last season. I can’t stand that small-time mentality, an obsession with another team that makes hating another team more important than supporting theirs.

Stoke are famed for their great support though and have loads of original songs. “Your support is fucking shit!” is possibly their favourite, maybe only bettered by “We support our local team”. Incredible. But then, they do have an old Tom Jones number to belt out to put us to shame too.

Saying that, I am puzzled as to what happened today, with them being outsung by our “shit support” all afternoon, with plenty of them starting to leave well before the final whistle. Best fans in the country? Yeh, just like Liverpool’s are!

On every count, we showed them up today. “We support our local team!” they chanted. “You support a load of shit!” we countered. “Stand up if you hate Man U!” they sang. “Stand up for the Champions!” we responded. Then, with chants of “Fergie, what’s the time?” our manager stood up and pointed to his watch. Time you went home, you sad, small time bastards.

“Where’s your famous atmosphere?” our fans finally sung, after songs for Giggs, Scholes, O’Shea, Best, Wes Brown etc. No response. We sang it again, followed by a “Shhhhhh”. Absolute silence. But those shithouses will no doubt come to Old Trafford later in the season telling us our atmosphere isn’t up to much, whilst berating our players, cheering our mistakes, and spending little time thinking about what their team is up to. Sad.

United, top of the league, United, United top of the league!