With Wayne Rooney suspended and Carlos Tevez making the long trip back to Manchester following Argentina’s humiliating 6-1 thumping by Bolivia, the last thing we needed to hear was that Dimitar Berbatov was injured.

Shit happens.

“It’s probably going to be another two weeks,” said Ferguson. “Hopefully he will be back training with us at the end of next week and he will be okay after that.”

Tevez didn’t get back until an hour ago but is our only option for Sunday’s game, which also puts pressure on us for Tuesday with him having little time to rest.

“I think he gets back from Mars about 4pm,” joked Ferguson. “With Dimitar out and Wayne suspended hopefully Carlos will be okay. That will give us one striker, then we will have to choose another. With the extra day’s rest I am relatively confident we can get a fit team out on the pitch.”