Anton Ferdinand, who scored a 94th minute equaliser own goal at Old Trafford this season, has admitted he wants United to win the title but will still give his all against us tomorrow.

“I want United to win the title, obviously,” said Ferdinand. “I want my brother to win another trophy. As long as my brother is winning trophies, I’m happy. Medals mean more than anything. But There’ll be no mixed emotions if I help stop him. Maybe in the summer I’ll be thinking, ‘Bloody hell I cost him the title’. But if we win on Sunday I’ll be as happy as Larry because we would have beaten one of the best teams in the world. The fans would be happy and they would deserve that because they have been that good this season. It’s our last home game and our fans deserve a good performance. We’ve beaten Liverpool and Arsenal here, now I think we can beat United. We played well against them at Old Trafford this season, so if you can’t take confidence from that, what can you take confidence from?”