Whilst still struggling to the cope with the loss of John O’Shea and Wes Brown to Sunderland, we’ve had a chat with Collin Randall from the excellent Mackem blog, Salut Sunderland, about their new signings.

Scott the Red: Are you pleased with the signings of Wes Brown and John O’Shea?

Collin Randall: Sunderland fans have broadly welcome the O’Shea singing more than that of Brown. I’m more positive, taking the view that you don’t get to play for United unless you’re pretty good. Also, I know some United supporters actually rate Brown higher than O’Shea.

STR: I’d actually say most United fans rate Brown more highly. His omission from the team this season wasn’t down to ability! Which do you think will get the most game time now they’re in the North East?

CR: I think both will play important parts in the first team squad, and probably start together in the first game at Anfield.

STR: You’ll have us lot cheering you on for that! Where do you anticipate them playing?

CR: We have serious centre-back injury problems so I’d expect that to be where they’d play. However, one area of weakness remains full back. Bardsley has proved he can play either flank so maybe Bruce has that in mind unless we make one more defensive signing. I don’t see O’Shea in a midfield role given all our contenders for that part of the formation.

STR: Any chance of either of them being captain?

I am deeply unhappy with the idea of Cattermole as captain; his disciplinary record did improve but that relied on a degree of luck. O’Shea as captain would feel like a good move to me.

STR: Do you think Bruce has done a good job in the transfer market this summer?

CR: Overall, yes. We are still short of a dependable striker, as we have been since Bent was inexplicably sold without a replacement in view. Gyan is good, but his commitment to the club is at best debatable, and Connor Wickham may take time to prove himself. And a left-back. Then Bruce must start offloading a few.