April 19th 2011
13. Player: Cheik Tiote
Game: Newcastle vs Newcastle United
Time: 63 mins

Told the ref to “fuck off” after conceding a free kick

April 19th 2011
14. Player: Peter Lovenkrands
Game: Newcastle vs Manchester United
Time: 65 mins

Said “fuck off Michael” to Carrick in front of the referee after Carrick won a freekick.

April 20th 2011
15. Player: Jack Wilshere
Game: Tottenham vs Arsenal
Time: 55 mins and 90 mins

1. Told the referee to “fuck off” after conceding a free kick
2. Said “fuck off” in relation to a decision against him

April 23rd 2011
16. Player: John Marquis
Game: Willwall vs Preston
Time: 54 mins

Shouted “I fucking love you” after scoring which was audible thanks to the camera.

April 24th 2011
17. Player: Daniel Sturridge
Game: Bolton vs Arsenal
Time: 56 mins

Shouted “what the fuck’s that for?” repeatedly at the referee for awarding a freekick.

April 25th 2011
18. Player: Gareth Barry
Game: Blackburn vs City
Time: 29 mins

Shouted “fuck off, that’s fucking shite” at the referee after getting booked.

April 25th 2011
19. Player: Chris Samba
Game: Blackburn vs City
Time: 40 mins

Shouted “fuck” after putting a header over the bar.

May 1st 2011
20. Player: Jack Wilshere
Game: Arsenal vs United
Time: 23 mins

Called Patrice Evra a “fucking prick”.

May 1st 2011
21. Player: Wayne Rooney
Game: Arsenal vs United
Time: 39 mins

Told the referee to “fuck off” after getting booked.

May 1st 2011
22. Referee: Chris Foy
Game: Arsenal vs United
Time: 45 mins

Said “fucking hell” after he got in the way of the ball for the third time.

May 7th 2011
23. Player: Ashley Young
Game: Aston Villa vs Wigan
Time: 17 mins

Said “fuck off” after scoring.

May 8th 2011
24. Player: Chris Mulumbu
Game: Wolves vs West Brom
Time: 59 mins

Shouted “fuck off” at the referee after being booked.

May 8th 2011
25. Player: Jack Wilshere
Game: Stoke vs Arsenal
Time: 14 mins

Told Dean Whitehead to “fuck off” after he tackled him an a freekick was awarded.

May 9th 2011
26. Player: Chris Baird
Game: Fulham vs Liverpool
Time: 88 mins

Told the referee to “fuck off” twice and stuck his fingers up at him.

To get in touch with the FA you must first register as a fan. Then you can contact them using this contact form.

Feel free to use any of the above information to write to the FA or use the message we sent below.

Wayne Rooney was recently charged with breaking Law 12 which relates to “using offensive, insulting and/or abusive language”. Referee Lee Mason claimed in his report that if he had heard Wayne Rooney swearing he would have sent him off.

On April 10th, Charlie Adam was clearly seen by the television camera saying “fuck off” in a game between Blackpool and Arsenal after 57 minutes. Video footage was not used after the game to charge Adam and ban him for two games though.

On May 9th, Chris Baird told Lee Mason to “fuck off” twice and stuck his fingers up at him. Why didn’t he get sent off? This is a clear breach off Law 12, no video replay is needed as it wasn’t only the viewing public which saw this happen, but the referee himself.

Law 12 does not mention a camera, whether a player is swearing directly or indirectly at it. We have recorded 26 incidents since Rooney’s incident where players have broken Law 12, yet none of them have been punished by the referee or the FA. For some of these incidents, video footage would have been needed. For others, the referee heard the “offensive, insulting and/or abusive language” but did not hand out the red card that the football law requires for this offence.

Are the FA still encouraging the Respect campaign? Or is it only Wayne Rooney who is answerable to Law 12, which I repeat, makes no mention of a camera.

Will the FA admit that they made a mistake in punishing Rooney when every other player guilty of breaking Law 12 since hasn’t even received a yellow card, let alone a 2 match ban. Or will the FA and referees continue to show clear double standards?

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