Arsenal goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny ended up with egg on his face today after spending the afternoon Tweeting whilst watching Manchester United’s victory over West Brom.

In the first half, Gary Neville should have conceded a penalty after committing a foul in the box. Nothing was given. Later on, Rio Ferdinand conceded a penalty for foul in the box.

53Szczesny53: How can you not get frustrated with decitions (sic) like that going ALWAYS Man Utds way?! Its a clear pen and sending off!

53Szczesny53: I don’t understand why some of you get frustrated with me for saying this. The decition (sic) was shocking! FACT!

However, despite claiming decisions always go in United’s favour, in the second half, Jerome Thomas blocked Fabio’s cross with a raised arm in the box, but referee Chris Foy didn’t award a penalty.

53Szczesny53: Thats unlucky for WBA. They gave it a 100% and deserved a win.

Later on, Arsenal travelled to Birmingham. Their opening goal came from a deflected freekick which was on from a Robin van Persie dive. Then, van Persie handled the ball in the box and no penalty was given to Birmingham. Shocking decitions, FACT!