Team Bridge Manchester City players t-shirt

Garry Cook: the man that got rid of the club captain behind his back, the man who welcomed Uwe Rosler in to the “Manchester United” hall of fame this season, and the man who said it was a matter of when, not if, they beat United in the League Cup to reach Wembley. He is a tool of the highest order and provided us with one of the best quotes we could ever ask for about our local rivals.

“Comedy has always been at the heart of what this club is all about,” he said in November. Yes, the greatest comedy which has lasted going on 34 years. Unbelievable. He is like a spoof City chairman created by an ardent red.

But City reached new depths of embarrassment today. I don’t know if embarrassment is the right word. Painfully cringeworthy doesn’t come close to describing their tactless stunt today.

With Wayne Bridge having to deal with the fact the mother his child left him after having an affair with his mate, former club captain and current International captain, and apparently aborted his child and was paid off to do so, the City players thought it was a good idea to parade around with “Team Bridge” t-shirts after today’s match against Portsmouth. Whilst the left-back had announced he would not be making a statement about the reports, wanting to keep the affair as low key as possible for the sake of his child, it makes you wonder what on earth City were thinking about in this column inch grabbing stunt. As if Bridge’s heart break hadn’t been given enough publicity, the act of his team mates today will certainly make all the back and some of the front pages (depending on what calibre of newspaper you read).

“The reports deal with matters which are of a deeply personal and private nature,” he said this week. “My primary concern is the welfare of my son. Therefore, I intend to make no comment whatsoever either now or in the future about these reports and ask that my privacy is respected.”

The lad has been totally humiliated by his former team mate and his current team mates have ensured that humiliation goes a little bit deeper. What planet are they on??

You want to show Bridge support? Then give him a bell or take him out for a pint. Don’t wear a fucking tacky t-shirt which draws all the more attention to what took place.

This embarrassment of a club sunk to new depths today.

Cook’s idea? I seriously wouldn’t rule it out.


Just to illustrate the point…

It has now been reported in The Times, The Guardian, BBC, The Daily Mail, The Sun, ESPN etc.