Javier Hernandez has revealed that when Manchester United chief scout Jim Lawlor approached him to sign for us, he assumed that he was being had on by a phony scout.

But when his father started crying, he realised that United really did want to sign him.

“The first time I spoke to Jim Lawlor, I didn’t believe it that he was from United,” Hernández said. “The first I heard about it was when my father said to me there’s a person interested in you, he wants to talk with you, and he gave me Jim Lawlor’s card with the United badge on it. I didn’t know if it was genuine or not, because some agents in Mexico have cards on which they put the badges of all the big teams of the world, so I thought ‘OK, it’s one more of them, OK’. But my father told me ‘No, it’s really Manchester United’. I said to him ‘Don’t joke with me about that,’ but when I saw my father crying, I knew it was really true, that it was Manchester United.”