Teddy Sheringham has jumped to the defence of Dimitar Berbatov following the criticism he has received in the press.

14 goals and 10 assists isn’t bad going for a player in his first season at a club, particularly considering he didn’t have a pre-season, he came with massive pressure, and he had to make the adjustment from playing with Spurs’ players to playing with United’s.

Sheringham reckons, as most sensible people do, that we should be patient with Berbatov, because he is an outstanding player and will be outstanding for us.

“He is an outstanding player,” said Sheringham. “Sometimes it takes people longer to fit in at a club in terms of the lifestyle and the football, which is probably what’s happened to him. But I’ve watched him and I’ve every confidence he will be even better next season. I’ve seen him be outstanding for Tottenham and I’m sure he will be again.”

“Ohh Teddy, Teddy, went to Man United and he fuck all!” Arsenal and Spurs players used to mock, after Arsenal won the Double in his first season with us. However, a year later he had won it all, scoring in the European Cup final and enjoying the success of our Treble winning year. Teddy has claimed people could have made the same criticisms of himself after his first season, but that we shouldn’t expect all our strikers to cover as much grass as Rooney and Tevez do.

“I was very similar to Berbatov in terms of the way I looked as a player,” Teddy added. “I didn’t look like I was running around either. But just because he is not like a Wayne Rooney or Carlos Tevez doesn’t mean he doesn’t work. Whether or not he’s compared to Cantona won’t make any difference at all. Whatever club you go to you will be replacing someone. And when you leave, someone will replace you. You put pressure on yourself, but as long as you do your best, hopefully that will be enough. You have to keep faith in your own ability and know that you are a good player.”

Here here, Teddy!