Wayne Rooney scored a goal and received a yellow card in England’s friendly match against Platinum Stars. Surprisingly, the decision was made that England would take on the team with the worst disciplinary record in the league, just days before the World Cup kicks off.

The referee, Jeff Selogilwe, claimed he showed Rooney a yellow card for dissent.

“Rooney insulted me, he said ‘Fuck you’,” revealed Selogilwe. “He must learn to control his temper. He could get sent off in the World Cup, especially if he uses this kind of language. If he insults a referee like me, then he will use that vulgar language to other referees as well. Maybe the England players thought ‘This is just a friendly, we can do what we like and the referees are not that professional’. It’s a shame. He is a good player when you see him on the TV, but when you see him on the pitch, he just keeps on insulting the referees. To me it looks like Rooney insults people and fouls other players. So I was very disappointed in Rooney because he is my favourite player.”