Having beaten the likes of Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool this season, Erik ten Hag has claimed that our win over Barcelona, which sees them knocked out of the Europa League, is our biggest win of the season so far.

The biggest win? Yes, I think so. We’ve had some good wins, Liverpool, Arsenal at home, really good wins, but I think this [is the biggest]. Barcelona is the leader of La Liga, eight points ahead of Real Madrid, we’ve all seen Real Madrid this week, and if you then beat them I think it’s a big win.

It was a great win because we had the belief to get that win. We got it by getting forward and, in the right moments, we strike. We have to act resilient. We have to be dynamite, to have the belief to win big games. In big games, it’s often about mentality and about being right in every moment of the game, to be ready for it because moments will change the game.

Ten Hag has spoken about the mentality of our players who started the game, and those came off the bench, to get the result.

I think we have some great personalities in the team like Rapha and Licha Martinez, and, going forward, Antony, he or Garnacho don’t fear anyone. Bruno also, Casemiro of course, we have some players with great personalities and if you get setbacks, they move on and they carry on. They are resilient and determined. You have to be to get the result. And if you believe in that, if and when you concede a penalty, you have to go on, and you can turn around such a game. We know that, but you have to get the evidence and when you win a big game like this, from 1-0 down in a difficult situation, you can do it. This [win] is a good bit of motivation in the season.