Following Manchester United’s disgraceful performance at Anfield last weekend, all the players have come in for criticism, but none more than Bruno Fernandes. There were accusations that he was “begging” to be substituted off, although footage just appears to casually show him shrugging his shoulders when a substitution was being made, with the players who were confused who was coming off. Some pundits and ex-pros have claimed that Fernandes shouldn’t captain the team again after his performance but when Erik ten Hag was asked in his recent press conference whether he would wear the armband again, the manager was certain in his response.

Yes, definitely. I think he is playing a brilliant season. He [occupies] a really important role, [which is] why we are in the position where we are because he is giving energy to the team. He is not only running a lot and in the highest intensity, but also in the right way, in the right direction and he is pointing and coaching players.

He is an inspiration for the whole team but no-one is perfect. Everyone has his mistakes and everyone has to learn. I have to learn and he will learn as well because he is intelligent. So I am really happy to have Bruno Fernandes in my team and I am really happy that Bruno Fernandes – if Harry is not on the pitch – is our captain.