Casemiro was unveiled as a Manchester United player ahead of Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Liverpool last night. Speaking to the press after the game, Erik ten Hag talked about the importance of bringing in winners to the squad.

He has won so many trophies in his career. He knows the road: how you win games and finally how you win trophies. We [now] have more players who have won already many trophies in their career. That has to be a guidance for the rest of the team so they know and they understand how to win games. We did really well today compared to last week so we make a step [forward], but it is what you have to deliver every day and in every game.

Bruno Fernandes also hailed the new signing and is looking forward to his raising the level at the club.

I think Casemiro is a great player and will have add so many good things for us. We are very happy to have him. Obviously, we know he has a good mentality, we know he has shown it at Madrid and we hope he will do it at the same level as he did at Madrid.