Manchester United take on Arsenal at the Emirates on Sunday afternoon but will have to do so without the suspended Casemiro. In the press conference for the game, Erik ten Hag reminded everyone that we’ve already beaten Arsenal this season at Old Trafford. Casemiro came on for the final 10 minutes with the scoreline already at 3-1, with Arsenal losing their first game of the season, having won all the games they’d played previously.

Last time we beat Arsenal without Casemiro, so we have an idea of how to do it. It’s obvious they are in a really good run, I think they deserve the position where they are now. It’s a really good structure, there’s a really good mentality, winning attitude in the team, and that’s why they are now top of the league. They are in a great run but it is up to us to beat that run and we will do everything to do that.

Ten Hag was full of praise for the work Mikel Arteta has done at Arsenal which sees them at the top of the table.

In the moment we played, you could already see that the manager and coaching staff was already for a long time working on that team. You see really good structures in the team and I think that they even improved during the first half of the season. There is a really good spirit as well in that team. We know what to do and we have to be really good, we need a really good performance. If we do, I think we have a good chance to get a good result.