Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho missed penalties in the final of the Euros in 2021 and faced an awful backlash from England fans. They both suffered racist abuse online and Marcus Rashford’s mural in Withington was defaced.

Both players stepped up to be one of the first five penalty takers in Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final against Brighton, showing great character and bravery. And both scored great penalties.

While Rashford has enjoyed a fantastic campaign for United, Sancho has struggled this season, and ahead of United’s league game against Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday, Erik ten Hag has sung the praises of the two young forwards.

I think also we have seen in the season many times very good performances from Jadon. I think definitely, that moment on Sunday, it will strengthen him even more and give him, as you say, more courage and more belief. Definitely and I think you have to recognise it and reward it for stepping up on Sunday and it was such a good penalty. It was so convincing and the same you can say for Rashy [Marcus Rashford], it was so convincing. I think they have stepped over the trauma and that’s very good because they have shown they have character and personality. That can help us as, many times, you ask questions about bouncing back in a game, this is the same in a game, show the personality when things are not going in your direction. Make sure you turn it around.