Manchester United cruised to victory against Burnley last night to make it through to the quarter-finals of the League Cup. The first goal in the 2-0 win was scored by Christian Eriksen, his second in his last two appearances for the club, but was made by a brilliant ball forward from Bruno Fernandes before Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s athleticism allowed him to ping the ball back across the box for a tap in.

After the game, manager Erik ten Hag spoke to the club’s official media about the right-back’s place at the club.

He has a future. He has had some good years at Man United but, from the start of this season he has had a lot of illnesses and injuries. So, from the restart on, he is fit, so he could train with the team and you see him progressing. His fitness levels are getting better. His performance levels are getting better and I am really happy today with his performance. And he gave an assist and, especially, the way he gave the assist [I was happy with]. About his movement, the timing and a great pass from Bruno. But the assist was great, so I am happy with his performance. He did good.

Rashford, who scored the second goal, also sang the praises of Wan-Bissaka after the game.

He’s a massively important player. We all know about his defensive qualities and, for me, he just needs confidence to be pushed to go forward because, when he goes forward, he can create goalscoring opportunities for us.

Today, he had no right to get that ball but he got there anyway and it was a good ball across. It looks like a simple goal in the end but it isn’t. It’s the movement and the timing from all three players really and Christian arriving late in the box, getting a tap-in. Yeah, it was a great goal and ‘Azza’ played a massive part.