Chelsea blew the chance to win their game against Tottenham Hotspur today after Didier Drogba saw his injury time penalty saved.

After the full time whistle, Terry paraded around White Hart Lane, pounding the badge, and mouthing “trophies” at the Spurs fans. He then mimed lifting a trophy up in the air.

He then gave an interview with Sky Sports, referring to his team mates as ‘my players’ and claiming that Chelsea were easily the best team in the league last season.

“I have never doubted my players, never doubted the manager or the football club,” said Terry. “Nothing has changed from last year and as I said before we brought in a couple of new faces and a couple went out, but we won the double last year. Let’s not forget that and we were the best team by a long way.”

Erm, you won the league by 1 point. Even if we ignore the fact United were without their defence that match deciding wrong decisions went in Chelsea’s favour on both occasions when we played, winning the league by 1 point doesn’t make you the best team ‘by a long way’.