The speculation over Carlos Tevez’s future is beginning to mount, with fans calling for the club to finalise the deal with his representatives for a permanent move. With all sorts of figures being quoted for the expected price, surely the important matter here is whether we want him or not. Is he worth this many million, or that many million? Who cares? By now we should know he is more than worth having in our team and we should pay what it costs.

We can talk of Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov being our starting players, but what happens if Rooney breaks his foot again or Berbatov does he knee? Danny Wellbeck? Whilst not having a go at the lad, by all accounts, he seems to have a bright future, but I’d rather him not be in our starting XI just yet.

It’s not just the consideration of injuries, but simply rotation. If we’re going to compete for the league, the Champions League and the FA Cup, we’re going to need more than two strikers. I’d rather us spend £32 million, or whatever it is, on a proven, hard-working player, than £20 million on a gamble.

Carlos Tevez has again reaffirmed his desire to stay at United for many years, wanting the deal to be settled as soon as possible.

“All I’d like is that my rights are bought completely by the club and that my family and I can be sure we are here for years to come,” said Tevez.

He also went on to praise the genius of Fergie, claiming he has a great relationship with the players as well as being massively focussed on the details of football.

“It’s not Sir Alex or Sir Ferguson, it’s Alex with him,” Tevez added. “I’m hugely in Alex’s debt, not just because he brought me here but because of how he is on a daily basis with me and all his players. He appears a guy who is super-serious and hard. But, in fact, he’s a massively likeable guy to be around. He’s always talking to the players, always interested in how each one of us is in our daily and family lives. OK, in football terms he’s on you like a hawk. Not a detail passes him by. I think he’s a genius in football terms.”