Carlos Tevez Cristiano RonaldoWe are just a few hours away from kick off now, with Manchester United hosting Arsenal at Old Trafford in the FA Cup.

Much has been made of the effect this game could have on the Premiership race, with the winning team undoubtedly getting a huge psychological boost in the run up to May, when the Champions will be decided.

Manchester United striker, Carlos Tevez, agrees that the team who wins will face the rest of the league campaign with greater confidence. “If we win this match it would be hugely important for the title race,” he said. “Psychologically, we have the opportunity to deliver a huge blow to our rivals. People say that the Premier League is one question and the cup is another. I understand that but don’t really agree. They are our rivals so any victory is important and that is why our squad is so concentrated ahead of this match. The FA Cup has a special feel and flavour but if we can win it would do much more for us than just give us a pass into the next round. This match is like a final to us in so many ways.”

Following several exciting and high tempo matches between the two clubs in recent history, there is potential for another brilliant game to be played out. However, Tevez has argued he is unconcerned with the performance, as long as we get the right result. “I don’t care if it is a good game because victory in this one is everything. A good game can wait until another day.”

Will the team who wins today win the league?