After the Champions League final, Carlos Tevez reckoned the result would have been different had he been on from the start. The fact that Tevez came on for 45 minutes and contributed absolutely nothing seemed to pass him by.

Can you remember the last time you were this happy that a player has left our club? I’m struggling.

“You cannot argue with Alex Ferguson,” Tevez said. “He is like the president of England. It is impossible, you always lose. But he made a mistake to leave me on the bench. That was the only final the team had lost since I had been at Manchester United.”

Tevez then goes on to talk about how much he suffered when earning £90,000-a-week to play for the Champions of England and Europe last season.

“My family knows how much I suffered at United,”
he added. “I could not arrive home after a match or a training session and forget my pain. It was not good and I transmitted all my sadness to them.”