Carlos Tevez has revealed that whilst he won’t celebrate goals against West Ham, in future, he will celebrate any goal he scores against Manchester United.

Fortunately, the only chance Tevez had the last time we met came back off the woodwork whilst his replacement scored his only chance of the game, giving us the 4-3 win.

“I’ve decided not to celebrate my goals out of respect to West Ham,” said Tevez. “They were my first club in England and, in my heart, part of me will always be a Hammer. The professional part of me was really pleased with my first City goals at home but, personally, I would have preferred to beat another club. In the derby against United I had also decided not to celebrate our goals but, after the bad treatment I received from the supporters that day, I have changed my stance on that. If I score in the next derby then I am sure that I will celebrate.”

Good for you, Carlitos! You do that! And our players will celebrate winning trophies.

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