After Carlos Tevez signed for Manchester City the club bizarrely opted to put a ‘Welcome to Manchester’ poster up in town as a dig to Manchester United fans. It was a strange move for a football club to hire a London design agency and fork out loads of money just so they could wind up opposing fans. Plenty of players have moved between rival clubs before but no club has ever felt the need or desire to try and get under the skin of their rival fans.

Sir Alex Ferguson rightly talked of their “small club mentality” whilst even some City fans had to admit it was fairly embarrassing that their club would get involved in something so small time. We have our clock ticker which counts how many years it’s been since they won a trophy (34 years and counting) but that was a wind up organised by the fans, not the club!

Carlos Tevez, who has repeatedly talked of his love for Manchester United since moving to the blue side, has today revealed he wishes the club never organised the banner.

“I never understood the intention of that poster,” said Tevez. “What was the point? Tell me. Was it to welcome me to Manchester City, or was it to anger Manchester United? Nobody ever told me. I’m indifferent towards it, but it is important you know I had nothing to do with the poster. I’d have preferred for it not to have been there. I have respect for all the clubs I used to play for. That was not showing respect, was it?”

Nice work, Garry Cook, always ensuring that comedy remains at the heart of the club.