When Manchester United first brough Carlos Tevez to the club, there were fears that the two would be unable to play with each other.

Thankfully, they proved early on that they made a great partnership and their goal against Middlesbrough, almost requiring telepathic ability to pull off, epitomised that.

Tevez has today said that they have a similar background, characteristics and passion for the game… but the trophies they won together last season prove they weren’t too similar to make it work.

“Wayne and I have some very similar characteristics,” said Tevez. “We have the same passion for the game, the same sort of background and, most of all, we see football as the best way of having fun. We share that winning mentality. That is what our background taught us, that desire to win, and that is what makes us popular with the fans. They can see that we want to win. People doubted that we could play together but our response was to win all these trophies: the Premier League, the Champions League and than the Club World Cup. Last season with Wayne, Cristiano and myself, we had the best forward line in the world.”