Carlos Tevez blamed his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson as a reason why he left the club, claiming the manager ignored him for two years.

He also claimed the move had nothing to do with the extra £50-60k a week more City were prepared to pay him.

It’s odd then that in April, just a couple of months before he signed for City, Carlos Tevez was singing the manager’s praises, claiming how fair Ferguson was with the players and what a massive influence he’d had on his career.

“From the moment I arrived, he has treated me with respect as a person. His greatest quality is that, for him, there are no star players – everyone is equal, whether they cost many millions or are a young player who hasn’t played many times for the team. When I see him work he reminds me of Carlos Bianchi, who was my coach at Boca Juniors in Argentina. Both have had a big influence on my career, and both know how to treat people.“

He played in 51 games last season, including the European Cup final, the League Cup final and the FA Cup semi-final, yet also claimed he was leaving for more playing time. Even if City reach the finals of both the League and FA Cup this season, it is impossible for him to feature in more games for City this season.

Carlos Tevez is a liar. He is also incredibly deluded.

“I expect to have a good reception,” said Tevez. “While at United, I always gave my best and I had good relations with the fans. They know I did everything while at Old Trafford to try to score the goals that would help the team win matches, so I don’t know why I should have a bad reception. What will I do if I score a goal? Well, I will be glad, but I don’t think too much about that right now. The important thing is that Manchester City win the game. If I don’t score, but we can get the three points, I will be very happy.”

Who’s that twat from Argentina?
Who’s that money grabbing whore?
Carlos Tevez is his name,
And he hasn’t got a brain,
And he won’t be winning trophies anymore!