With Carlos Tevez being linked with a move to Manchester City there has been plenty of talk surrounding the ‘betrayal’ this would mean to United fans. Andy Cole and Peter Schmeichel went to City when their careers were coming to an end and it was no bother for us. When do players ever leave United at their peak to join City? It just doesn’t happen.

Tevez could be the first player to do this though, with United less desperate than City to pay over the odds for the Argie. Whilst he has declared his love for our club and fans over and has insisted he’s only been thinking about signing for us, it appears as though the love affair is over as quickly as it began.

Still, I think Ian Wright has a fairly inaccurate understanding of United’s feelings on Tevez, if the comments from fans on this blog are anything to go by. He reckons it won’t be considered a betrayal.

Carlos Tevez is understandably in huge demand after a frustrating season for him at Manchester United. Few can cross the Manchester divide without unleashing a relentless torrent of bile. Fans consider that as unforgivable disloyalty in most cases. But Tevez is one of a small number who could get away with it. If he leaves Manchester United this summer, he should go to Manchester City.

Tevez has done enough to show he is desperate to play for United but, unbelievably, the powers-that-be can’t make up their minds whether to sign him permanently. So it wouldn’t look as if he had jumped ship if he left Old Trafford for Eastland’s. He would join a swell of big-name players hoping to bring great things to the club.

You can’t say you love United and the fans and then a month or two later sign for their rivals. That’s not how it works. What is it with these fucking Argies?

Whilst I’m sure there would be some sections of our support who wouldn’t give Tevez a hard time if he was wearing City’s blue, I would imagine the vast majority would have something to say about it. Our feelings towards him have soured as it is and that’s even without him signing for the bitters.

Would United fans let Tevez off this ‘unforgiveable disloyalty’? I’d fucking hope not!