Why is that seemingly ever transfer we’re involved in has to contain the words ‘saga’? We take forever to get our business done these days!

The Carlos Tevez ‘saga’ has been rumbling on for some time now. Whilst in the summer the club acknowledged that the deal would be resolved in “October, November or December”, according to David Gill, we are now in January and no further along. Talks haven’t even begun!

Tevez has remained admirably patient throughout though, biding his time on the bench and re-affirming time and again how much he wanted to stay at the club. But that patience could only last so long…

“I want everybody to know no offer has been made,” said Tevez. “I don’t like that they [United] are playing with our fans, who show their love to me in each match. I want to stay but the club have not made any offer. I’ve been waiting for them for a year and a half. I didn’t like him [Sir Alex Ferguson] saying I didn’t like the offer I was made because neither my agent nor me were given one. I don’t know anything on my future. United know what they must pay if they want me to stay. If I have to quit the club, I want to quit on good terms. Now all clubs are on an equal footing. If a club comes to me and offers me a five-year deal, I will accept it for peace of mind. I will sign my last contract, and then I figure that I’ll go back to Boca [Juniors]. That could be in four or five years.”

Before we all cry foul, these quotes were taken from a live interview on Radio del Plata, with Tevez being given a week off to return to Argentina. I’ve looked at the reports emerging from Argentina and the translation to English conveys the same message. He wants to stay but he’ll sign a five-year deal with a club that comes and shows interest. More interest than we’re seemingly showing, other than complimentary lines from Ferguson in the press every now and again.

The question of money keeps arising. Do we want to spend £32 million on a player who has largely featured on the bench this season? Yep, it’s a lot of money, but that’s what he costs. He’s proven himself a success at United and he’s worth every penny. Berbatov has been the new signing so has been afforded a starting place to allow him to gel, just as Tevez was he first joined. All it takes is for Rooney to break his foot again (God forbid) and our striking options are Berbatov and Danny Welbeck. End of story. But do we really want to spend £32 million on Tevez, or should we offer £15 million for Jermaine fucking Defoe instead? I hear Craig Bellamy is on the market for less than that!

Don’t fuck this one up United.